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The Mockingcast is a weekly podcast hosted by RJ Heijmen, Sarah Condon and David Zahl, and brought to you by Mockingbird Ministries, an organization which seeks to connect the Christian faith with the realities of everyday life in fresh and down-to-earth ways. You can find out more about Mockingbird at

Audio production provided by The Narrativo Group.

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  • Episode 142: The Untrustworthy List

    November 4th, 2018  |  46 mins 2 secs

    In which Sarah, Dave and RJ talk about disgraced Chinese coal workers, dodgy motivational techniques, and moral futility. Also, Marshall crosses the parking lot on his own.

  • Episode 141: Electrocuting Barbie Dolls

    October 20th, 2018  |  49 mins 15 secs

    In which RJ, Sarah, and Dave try to make sense of corporate surveillance, opioid obituaries, and merciful mothers. Also, several solid Salmon stories.

  • Episode 140: Hobbies, Pets, and Judges

    October 5th, 2018  |  52 mins 19 secs

    In which Sarah, RJ, and Dave discuss their hobbies (and lack thereof), the recent supreme court hearings, and the not-so-secret life of pets. Also, the Condons rent the wrong movie.

  • Episode 139: The Opposite of Sex

    September 21st, 2018  |  46 mins 53 secs

    In which RJ, Sarah, and Dave talk branding in marriage, personality tests, and Christian Rock. Also, Sarah gets a title for her next book.

  • Special Episode: The Deja Vu Issue

    September 14th, 2018  |  1 hr 18 mins

    In which Ethan Richardson takes us on a tour of The Deja Vu Issue of our print magazine--with the help of Jacob Smith, Nancy Hanna, and Simeon Zahl. Also, to take advantage of the special deal Ethan mentions, head on over to and enter "CAST" in the memo line of the order form.

  • Episode 137: Safety Dance

    September 7th, 2018  |  43 mins 45 secs

    In which Dave, RJ and Sarah come clean about parenting paranoia and weigh the benefits of taking things for granted. Also, Robert Capon drops a bomb.

  • Episode 136: Republic of Cancer

    August 25th, 2018  |  39 mins 8 secs

    In which Sarah, RJ and Dave interpret the signs, buy too much stuff and visit a cancer ward. Also, Sarah wonders what Mother Mary is thinking right now.

  • Episode 135: Oh the Humanity!

    August 11th, 2018  |  46 mins 40 secs

    In which RJ, Sarah and Dave comb through their Google search histories, uncover some Useful Knowledge and go to church with Garrison Keillor. Also, RJ embarrasses his kids.

  • Episode 134: Effortless Church Planting

    July 27th, 2018  |  43 mins 38 secs

    In which Sarah, RJ and Dave make it all look so easy, not just keeping the law but planting a church. Also, RJ goes car shopping.

  • Episode 133: The Gang Gets Washed

    July 6th, 2018  |  48 mins 5 secs

    In which RJ, Sarah, and Dave relive eighth grade and try to figure out who's the most "washed" (spoiler alert: it's RJ). Also, Mr Rogers makes an appearance.

  • Episode 132: Is There Still a Spaceman?

    June 22nd, 2018  |  45 mins 24 secs

    In which Dave, Sarah, and guest host Aaron Zimmerman talk Hollywood evangelists, suicidal men, and detained children. Also, Aaron gets a new office.

  • Episode 131: Our Favorite Hallucinogen

    June 9th, 2018  |  45 mins 52 secs

    In which RJ, Sarah and Dave win the narrative on obituaries, Kate Spade, and political addictions. Plus, Sarah chases her son up the stairs.

  • Episode 130: Royal Weddings, Vegan YouTubers, and Original Sin

    May 26th, 2018  |  42 mins 25 secs

    In which RJ, Sarah and Dave talk about the royal wedding sermon, YouTube Vegans, and the only empirically verifiable Christian doctrine. Also, Philip Roth was not astonished.

  • Episode 129: Kanye and Kim (Not That Kim)

    May 11th, 2018  |  47 mins 43 secs

    RJ, Sarah and Dave try to wrap their heads around race in America, online utopias and Vietnamese conversions. Also, Dave talks way too much about Michael Jackson.

  • Episode 128: Infiltrating New York City

    April 28th, 2018  |  40 mins 33 secs

    Recorded in front of an audience at the 2018 Mockingbird Conference in New York City, Sarah, RJ, and Dave discuss adulthood, body positivity, and chicken sandwiches. Also, RJ searches in vain for an Applebees.

  • Special Episode: The Humor Issue

    April 19th, 2018  |  50 mins

    In which Ethan Richardson takes us on a tour of The Humor Issue of our print magazine and in the process gets to the bottom of some very silly business--with the help of Ben Maddison, Aaron Zimmerman, Caroline Henley and Harrison Scott Key. Also, the world's first ever game of Who Said It: Wonder Showzen or Soren Kierkegaard?