Outrage, Escape and Immortality

Episode 81 · March 3rd, 2017 · 1 hr 12 mins

About this Episode

<p>Our guest this week is Adam Morton. Having successfully avoided the pitfalls of money and social standing, sometime Mockingbird contributor Adam Morton serves as pastor of Christ Lutheran Church and associate pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, both in Lancaster, PA. His wife Tasha does more or less the same thing, but competently. Together they parent a very wide toddler. Adam is inordinately proud of his standing as a native Minnesotan, and supports the state’s athletic teams in true Lutheran fashion, seeing all things through suffering and the cross. For fun he shouts expletives at uncomprehending electronic devices, paints models for games he only sometimes gets around to, and tries to sleep through whatever the cats are doing.</p>

After the conversation with Adam, David Zahl and Scott Jones are joined by Mandy Smith to talk about outrage, the church escaping the world and the denial of death.

Special Guest: Adam Morton.